Fines Creek, NC



Our Neighborhood 

Hurricane Ridge is an active mountain neighborhood community located near Fines Creek in Haywood county North Carolina. There are a few very important instructions that we kindly ask each of our guest follow while staying with us as they pertain to our neighborhood homeowners association rules and regulations.  These instructions are both for your safety and enjoyment.  First and foremost for those not familiar with driving in the mountains and even those who are experienced, we ask that you pay particular attention to the following items.  All roadways within Hurricane Ridge are gravel which is very common with most mountain communities in this part of the United States.  While gravel roads make it safer to travel on the steeper grades, they are unfortunately more easily subject to damage if not traveled correctly.  

Excessive Speed. Driving up hill and even downhill at speeds greater than 15 MPH damages our roads regardless of how safe it may seem to go faster. PLEASE OBSERVE THIS SPEED LIMIT to help keep our neighborhood roads safe for all residence and visitors.

Switchbacks. Always drive on the outside (high side) of the switchbacks. This outside (high side) of the switchbacks is less steep and actual easier on your car as well.  Driving on the inside (low side) of the curve causes excessive and unnecessary damage to the roadway regardless of whether you are in 2WD or 4WD.

While 4WD is not required to drive in Hurricane Ridge, it is recommended to create less wear on the roads, especially on the steeper sections and switchbacks, so please use it if you have it.  If you do not have 4WD, please place you car in a low gear (preferably 1st or 2nd gear), this will help ensure you maintain a low speed and give your car the best traction for the drive both up and down the mountain.

WARNING WINTER TRAVELERS: As one would expect in this part of the country, snow and ice are just part of life during the winter months, especially above 3000 feet in elevation.  Fines Creek and Hurricane Ridge specifically can have snow and a lot of it while other parts of Haywood and surrounding counties in North Carolina have none.  While it may seem beautiful and even possibly a "challenge" to some to travel in, it is nothing to be trifled with in a vehicle.  ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY DO NOT TAKE ANY CHANCES driving when snow or ice are present within Hurricane Ridge or elsewhere for that matter. Please check the whether before you begin your travel at the NOHA website for up to the minute conditions in Fines Creek before your arrival to see the current conditions.  We do require quest staying with us between November and February to purchase Travelers Insurance to protect you in the event you are unable to reach our home, so you can be reimbursed the cost of your stay.  Trust us when we say getting snowed out is a possibility, it has happened before and it is sure to happen again, so having travel insurance is a must.   While there are many great days during the winter months for travel; there are the occasional snow storms who's remnants can last for days or even weeks, particularly at the higher elevations, when all the whether conditions appear to be perfectly acceptable for travel. In this event, if you do see any snow or ice on our roads when you arrive (most likely as near the top of Hurricane Ridge Trace, about 800 yards from our home) we again insist that you not try and travel over any snow or ice, it is extremely dangerous.  It is 1.8 miles from the entrance of Hurricane Ridge to our home.  There several wide spots in the road where there is room for you to pull your car to side of the road temporarily until the roads become fit for travel again and in most cases you can walk to our home from that point.  Walking may not be the preferred method of travel but we can guarantee it will be much safer than traveling in a vehicle and afterwards you'll be glad you did.
Jennifer Tanner