Fines Creek, NC


Your Grateful Host

Both Jennifer and I are native Floridians and from 4 and 5 generation Floridian families respectively.  Our daughters Evie (8) and Ellie (5) and son Eston (7) now all 6 generation Floridians.  Probably not a long time in some parts of the country, but that's a long time down here.    

Jennifer was born and raised in Ormond Beach, FL, while I'm from Lakeland, FL.  Jennifer and I met while attending Florida State University, GO NOLES!!!, and we now live and work near Orlando, FL.

We love everything about Florida but just like a lot of other Floridians, when we want to get away we head for the beautiful smoky mountains of western North Carolina.  There is just something about this part of the country that is so magical.  Never too cold in the winter, never too hot in the summer and just so much natural beauty everywhere you look.

After vacationing in western North Carolina for most of my childhood, Jennifer and I were lucky enough to live in Waynesville for several years after we graduated from college and getting marred in 1995.  When we moved back to Florida in the late 90's we continued to vacation in western North Carolina. In between then and now we decided to enter the vacation rental business here in Florida to allow our family and other families to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Florida. We have really enjoyed running our vacation rental business and had decided early on that we would like to one day expand that business to include a home in the western North Carolina mountains. In the fall of 2012 that vision became a reality with our purchase of this beautiful home near Waynesville, NC.

It was our intention as we rebuilt this home to also use this for our own family just like our other vacation rental properties and for that reason we have tried to make sure that no detail is left out so that we along with you can enjoy what believe is one of the most beautiful spots on earth. We hope you enjoy it as much as us and look forward to hosting you and your family very soon.

                                                         Christopher, Jennifer, Evie, Eston & Ellie Tanner
Jennifer Tanner