Fines Creek, NC


The Cabin

We searched for many years for just the right property. In 2010 we purchased a vacant lot near Waynesville, NC with intention of one day building a vacation rental property but it did not take too long for us to realize that due to the rising cost of building materials it may be many more years than we first thought for us to realize our dream. While taking one of our annual vacations in the fall of 2012 with some friends of ours who also like to vacation in the western North Carolina mountains, we met with a friend of theirs, who just happened to be a real estate agent. After spending a few minutes talking about what we were looking for in vacation home, he offered to show us a property that he thought might just fit the bill. He actually showed us two properties and honestly, the first was one we requested and we could have saved some time if we had just trusted the expert because as soon as we saw this house we knew it was the one. It had everything; a well established gated neighborhood, plenty of acreage, a great floor plan with plenty of space for a family vacation home and oh yeah; great elevation at 3648' that provides a spectacular view of the great smoky mountains. It also had what we were not looking for- no small lots with houses looming all around as we had seen in other popular areas not too far away. The house is close enough to jump on the interstate and not have to curve through abundant roads and far enough away to not hear noise or neighbors!

Living & Dinning Area

The Loft




Outdoor Living
Jennifer Tanner